2 coin types in the database from Attuda

N°: 1565
Mint: Attuda
Date: 200-30
Obv.: Laureate head of Zeus right
Rev.: ΑΤΤΟΥ / ΔΔΕΩΝ on either side of yre
Metal: Bronze   Denomination:
Average diameter: 11mm Average weight: 1.79 g

N°: 1564
Mint: Attuda
Date: 100-30
Obv.: Head of Tyche right
Rev.: ΑΤΤΟΥΔΔΕΩΝ to right of Apollo naked, standing left, resting left elbow on Corinthian column, and holding uncertain object in extended right hand; to left, ΣΩΣ / ΙΠΟ / ΛΙΣ / ΧΑΡ / ΜΙ / ΔΗΣ / ΛΕ / ΩΝ
Metal: Silver   Denomination: Drachm
Average diameter: Average weight: 3.51 g

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