Coin type n° 946 (temporary)
HNO volumeCaria
Kasolaba (?)
Date (from)450
Date (to)400
ObverseHead of ram to right
ReverseYoung male head left, to left, 𐊠; to right, 𐋃𐊫; all within round incuse
Weight min-max0.26 - 0.46
Weight average0.39
Diameter min-max7 - 9
Diameter average8
Type rarity
Type referenceKonuk 2009, 10; Konuk 2007, M20

Specimens of this coin type
1SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8838 mm0.46 g5Acq. 1984Available
2SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8847 mm0.45 g1Acq. 1984Available
3SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8857 mm0.44 g6Acq. 1984Available
4SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8868 mm0.44 g6Acq. 1975Available
5SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8878 mm0.44 g12Acq. 1974Available
6SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8888 mm0.43 g1Acq. 1975Available
7SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8897 mm0.42 g9Acq. 1984Available
8SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8909 mm0.42 gAcq. 1975Available
9SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8917 mm0.41 g12Acq. 1976; inscription to r. off flanAvailable
10SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8928 mm0.41 g5Acq. 1984; inscription to r. off flanAvailable
11SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8938 mm0.41 g6Acq. 1975Available
12SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8948 mm0.40 g7Acq. 1984Available
13SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8957 mm0.40 g3Acq. 1984; inscription to r. off flanAvailable
14SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8968 mm0.39 gAcq. 1975; inscription to r. off flanAvailable
15SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 897; Troxell 1984 9B(b), pl. 40 (this coin)8 mm0.38 g7Acq. 1975Available
16SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8988 mm0.37 g6Acq. 1975Available
17SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 8998 mm0.35 g6Acq. 1974; inscription uncertainAvailable
18SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 9008 mm0.30 g12Acq. 1975Available
19SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 9017 mm0.28 g12Acq. 1976; inscription to r. off flanAvailable
20SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 9027 mm0.26 g1Acq. 1972; inscription uncertainAvailable
21KayhanSNG Kayhan I, 9978 mm0.38 g12Acq. 2000Pictured