Coin type n° 903 (temporary)
HNO volumeCaria
Islands off Caria
Date (from)188
Date (to)150
ObverseRadiate head of Rhodos right, wearing stephane
ReverseΡ / Ο on either side of a rose with two buds; all within shallow square incuse
Rhodian plintophoric
Weight min-max0.95 - 2.14
Weight average1.50
Diameter min-max9 - 14
Diameter average13
Type rarity
Type referenceHoover HGC 1482

Specimens of this coin type
1SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 70212 mm1.66 g12Acq. 1987Available
2SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 70314 mm1.65 g12Acq. 1964-70Available
3SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 70413 mm1.64 g12Acq. 1964-70Available
4SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 70513 mm1.60 g12Acq. 1964-70Available
5SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 70613 mm1.60 g12Acq. 1964-70Available
6SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 707; MZ 54 (1985), 25012 mm1.56 g12Available
7SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 70812 mm1.57 g12Acq. 1964-70Available
8SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 70914 mm1.54 g12Acq. 1964-70Available
9SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 71013 mm1.53 g12Acq. 1964-70Available
10SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 71113 mm1.43 g12Acq. 1964-70Available
11SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 71214 mm1.42 g12Acq. 1964-70Available
12SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 71312 mm1.43 g12Acq. 1964-70Available
13SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 71413 mm1.43 g12Acq. 1964-70Available
14SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 71514 mm1.38 g12Acq. 1964-70Available
15SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 71611 mm1.33 g12Acq. 1987Available
16SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 71714 mm1.32 g12Acq. 1987Available
17SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 71813 mm1.28 g12Acq. 1964-70Available
18SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 71913 mm0.95 g12Acq. 1964-70Available
19SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 720.1.37 g12Acq. 1964-70; not illustrated in SNG
20SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 7212.01 gNot illustrated in SNG
21SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 7221.49 g12Not illustrated in SNG
22SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 7231.45 gNot illustrated in SNG
23SkopbankSNG Keckman I, 7241.39 gNot illustrated in SNG
24CopenhagenSNG Cop., 86013 mm1.46 g12Acq. Stilianopoulos 1903
25CopenhagenSNG Cop., 86113 mm1.43 g12Acq. Jørgensen 1916
26CopenhagenSNG Cop., 86213 mm1.92 g12Ramus 11Available
27CopenhagenSNG Cop., 86313 mm1.64 g12Acq. Clauswitz 1826Available
28CNG EA 159 (2007), 9513 mm1.53 gex Garth R. Drewry collectionPictured
29OxfordSNG Ashmolean XI, 69313 mm1.71 g12Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
30OxfordSNG Ashmolean XI, 69411 mm1.26 g12Acq. F.W. Griffith 1921Available
31OxfordSNG Ashmolean XI, 695; Sotheby 16/07/1906 (Johnston), 47 part12 mm1.53 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
32OxfordSNG Ashmolean XI, 69613 mm1.39 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 07/1913)Available
33OxfordSNG Ashmolean XI, 697; Sotheby 26/07/1910, 310 part13 mm1.55 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
34OxfordSNG Ashmolean XI, 698; Sotheby 16/07/1906 (Johnston), 47 part13 mm1.72 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
35OxfordSNG Ashmolean XI, 699; Sotheby 16/07/1910, 47 part13 mm1.66 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
36OxfordSNG Ashmolean XI, 700; Sotheby 16/07/1906 (Johnston), 47 part9 mm0.98 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
37OxfordSNG Ashmolean XI, 70112 mm1.46 g12Acq. WarrenAvailable
38Paris, FG AA.GR.125581.65 gAvailable
39Paris, FG AA.GR.125651.66 gAvailable
40Paris, 1966.453.62271.70 gAvailable
41Paris, 1966.453.62281.08 gAvailable
42Paris, FG AA.GR.163391.50 gEx coll. FougèresAvailable
43Paris, FG AA.GR.163401.17 gEx coll. FougèresAvailable
44Paris, FG Maspero 2971.61 gEx coll. MasperoAvailable
45Paris, FG AA.GR.261491.07 gAvailable
46Paris, FG 15631.41 gAvailable
47Paris, FG 15641.00 gAvailable
48Paris, FG 1564AWaddington, 279912 mm1.79 gAvailable
49Paris, FG 15651.45 gAvailable
50Paris, FG 15661.68 gAvailable
51Paris, FG 15671.71 gAvailable
52Paris, FG 15481.45 gAvailable
53Paris, FG AA.GR.50112.14 gEx coll. GaudinAvailable
54Paris, FG AA.GR.50121.80 gEx coll. GaudinAvailable
55Paris, FG AA.GR.50131.70 gEx coll. GaudinAvailable
56Paris, FG AA.GR.50221.55 gEx coll. GaudinAvailable
57Paris, FG AA.GR.50231.29 gEx Talbot Ready coll.Available