Collection de Luynes ( 23 coins )

#TypeCustody collectionMintPublicationDiameterWeightAxisNotesImage
1556ParisAlabanda/Antiocheiade Luynes, 165935 mm16.53 g1Tyche in round cmk on obv.Available
226ParisAlabanda/Antiocheiade Luynes, 26940 mm16.27 g12PiercedAvailable
3244ParisAlabanda/Antiocheiade Luynes, 26950 mm16.47 g0Double struck on rev.Available
4304ParisKnidosde Luynes, 2700; Cahn, 120.4 (V62/R82)0 mm5.61 g0Available
5478ParisKnidosde Luynes, 2701; Cahn, 120.5 (V61/R81)0 mm5.97 g0Available
61598ParisKnidosde Luynes, 2702; Ashton, 4 (A3/P4)0 mm14.85 g12Has been swapped with de Luynes 273 on GallicaAvailable
7310ParisKnidosde Luynes, 2703; Ashton 1999, 102 (A37/P89)0 mm3.11 g0Has been swaped with de Luynes 2704 on GallicaAvailable
81575ParisUncertainde Luynes, 2775; Troxell 1979, 3320 mm11.72 g0Still attributed to Mallos (Cilicia)Available
9927ParisKaunosde Luynes, 2776; Konuk, 96a (O38/R37)23 mm11.41 g11Still attributed to Mallos (Cilicia)Available
10341Paris, Luynes 2712KalymnaLuynes, 2712; Höghammar, 1820 mm6.55 g0Available
111814Paris, Luynes 2714KosLuynes, 2714; Barron 8c (A6/P5)24 mm17.00 g0Available
121175Paris, Luynes 2715KosLuynes, 2715; Ingvaldsen 8a (O5/R8)23 mm15.21 g12Available
13533Paris, Luynes 2716KosLuynes, 271624 mm10.80 g0Available
14225Paris, Luynes 2906MylasaLuynes, 29060 mm4.26 g0Available
15225Paris, Luynes 2907MylasaLuynes, 29070 mm4.20 g0Available
16225Paris, Luynes 2908MylasaLuynes, 29080 mm4.20 g0Available
171397Paris, Luynes 2910HalikarnassosLuynes, 291025 mm14.66 g12Available
181399Paris, Luynes 2911HalikarnassosLuynes, 291129 mm15.20 g12Available
19240Paris, Luynes 2912HalikarnassosLuynes, 29120 mm0.33 g0Available
20241Paris, Luynes 2913HalikarnassosLuynes, 29130 mm6.97 g0Available
21241Paris, FG Luynes 2914HalikarnassosLuynes, 291419 mm6.90 g0Available
22241Paris, Luynes 2915HalikarnassosLuynes, 291520 mm6.87 g0Available
23241Paris, Luynes 2916HalikarnassosLuynes, 291620 mm6.92 g0Available