Collection Oxford ( 698 coins )

#TypeCustody collectionMintPublicationDiameterWeightAxisNotesImage
11385OxfordUncertain Mint DSNG Ashmolean XI, 33213 mm2.00 g12Acq. P.F. Weber 26/11/1906Available
226OxfordAlabanda/AntiocheiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 1; Meadows, p. 55, R1431 mm16.82 g12Acq. Robinson 06/1965Available
31289OxfordAlabanda/AntiocheiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 10; Meadows p. 188, 8812 mm1.80 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 02/1912)Available
4700OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 10013 mm1.55 g12Acq. Myres 24/01/1956Available
5705OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 102; Ashton 23d (A10/P20)14 mm2.88 g2Acq. Grimaldi 10/01/1956Available
6707OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 103; Ashton 70 (A32/P59)15 mm2.35 g12Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
71594OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 104; Ashton 77b (A33/P66)16 mm3.24 g12Acq. Oman 1947Available
8310OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 105; Ashton 110c (A39/P95)16 mm3.22 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
9310OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 106; Ashton 116c (A41/P98)16 mm3.07 g0Acq. GodwynAvailable
10706OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 107; Ashton 141 (A48/P116)17 mm3.05 g11Acq. GodwynAvailable
11706OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 108; SOtheby 16/07/1906 (Johnston), 15 part; Ashton 144c (A49/P114)17 mm3.01 g11Acq. Milne 1924Available
12706OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 109; Ashton 156 (A51/P121)16 mm3.08 g11Acq. GodwynAvailable
13990OxfordAlindaSNG Ashmolean XI, 1117 mm5.72 g0Acq. GodwynAvailable
141306OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 111; Nordbo 1199 mm0.95 g9Acq. Baldwin 02/12/1948Available
151307OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 112; Sotheby 16/07/1906 (Johnston), 46 part14 mm1.78 g6Acq. Milne 1924Available
161309OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 115; Nordbo 93612 mm2.55 g12Acq. Chester 1890Available
171310OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 116; Nordbo 95412 mm2.79 g12Acq. Spink 23/08/1927; ex Rogers coll.Available
181311OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 117; Sotheby 16/07/1906 (Johnston), 46 part12 mm1.20 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
191312OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 119; Nordbo 94611 mm1.27 g12Acq. Oman 30/12/1896Available
20990OxfordAlindaSNG Ashmolean XI, 1217 mm4.66 g0Acq. GoldwynAvailable
211313OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 120; Nordbo 96010 mm0.86 g12Acq. Robinson 23/05/1960Available
221314OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 121; Nordbo 97011 mm1.38 g12Acq. Robinson 23/05/1960Available
231087OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 122; Sotheby 01/03/1922, 109 part; Nordbo 103620 mm5.04 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
24727OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 12319 mm5.16 g12Acq. Robinson 1964Available
251315OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 125; Sotheby 01/03/1922, 109 part; Nordbo 105219 mm5.21 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
261316OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 126; Sotheby 01/03/1922, 109 part; Nordbo 105520 mm5.57 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
271320OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 127; Nordbo 72613 mm2.35 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 08/1910)Available
28482OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 128; Nordbo 74014 mm2.43 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
291318OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 129; Sotheby 01/03/1922, 109 part; Nordbo 75913 mm2.62 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
301002OxfordAlindaSNG Ashmolean XI, 1310 mm1.45 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 06/1913)Available
3171OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 130; Nordbo 56114 mm2.46 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 01/1911)Available
321321OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 131; Nordbo 76515 mm2.05 g12Acq. GodwynAvailable
33718OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 132; Nordbo 57912 mm2.36 g11Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 08/1910)Available
341322OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 133; Nordbo 92713 mm2.54 g12Acq. DouceAvailable
35313OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 134; Nordbo 59915 mm2.16 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
36313OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 135; Sotheby 01/03/1922, 109 part; Nordbo 60114 mm2.48 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
371061OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 136; Nordbo 78513 mm2.49 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 08/1911)Available
381061OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 137; Nordbo 78413 mm2.35 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
391062OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 138; Nordbo 81414 mm2.56 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 01/1911)Available
401062OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 139; Nordbo 81515 mm2.48 g0Acq. RobinsonAvailable
41254OxfordAlindaSNG Ashmolean XI, 1415 mm3.48 g0Acq. Spink 23/08/1927, ex Rogers coll.Available
42314OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 140; Nordbo 82816 mm2.33 g0Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 15/6/1928Available
43314OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 141; Nordbo 83815 mm2.53 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
44314OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 14213 mm2.53 g0Acq. Milne 1924(Smyrna 04/1914)Available
451063OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 143; Nordbo 62516 mm2.41 gAcq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 01/1911)Available
46316OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 144; Nordbo 64514 mm2.24 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 08/1911)Available
47316OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 145; Nordbo 64613 mm2.57 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
48717OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 146; Nordbo 85414 mm1.96 g11Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 08/1910)Available
491064OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 147; Nordbo 68214 mm2.52 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
501324OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 148; Nordbo 68815 mm1.86 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Baldwin 18/10/1923) ex BarffAvailable
511317OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 149; Nordbo 70713 mm2.18 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Baldwin 18/10/1923) ex BarffAvailable
521291OxfordAlindaSNG Ashmolean XI, 1515 mm3.55 g6Acq. Baldwin 2/12/1948Available
531065OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 150; Nordbo 69713 mm2.50 g0Acq. Milne 1924(Smyrna 04/1914)Available
541066OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 151; Nordbo 72013 mm2.12 g0Acq. Milne 1924(Smyrna 04/1914)Available
551319OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 152; Nordbo 88615 mm2.43 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 01/1911)Available
56315OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 153; Nordbo 90913 mm2.37 g0Acq. Milne 1924(Smyrna 04/1914)Available
57308OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 154; Nordbo 47711 mm1.22 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 08/1910)Available
58308OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 155; Nordbo 47811 mm1.17 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 04/1914)Available
59308OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 15611 mm1.17 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
60712OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 157; Nordbo 53111 mm0.96 g7Acq. Milne 1924(Smyrna 04/1914)Available
611325OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 158; Nordbo 53912 mm0.87 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 04/1914)Available
621325OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 159; Nordbo 54011 mm1.27 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 04/1914)Available
631290OxfordAphrodisias-PlarasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 16; Baldwin 18/10/1923; Macdonald, type 15 (O18/R36), b18 mm3.43 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
64713OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 160; Nordbo 50411 mm1.12 g11Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 01/1911)Available
65713OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 16111 mm1.18 g11Acq. Robinson 1964Available
66713OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 16211 mm1.19 g11Acq. Robinson 1964Available
671068OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 163; Nordbo 51812 mm1.24 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 01/1911)Available
68311OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 165; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 68 part18 mm4.96 g0Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
69311OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 166; Sotheby 04/12/1919, 14 part17 mm3.55 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
701326OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 167; Norbo 112013 mm2.10 g12Acq. Milne 20/08/1928; Zitelli, Rhodes 13/03/1926Available
711327OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 168; Nordbo 114523 mm7.82 g12Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 15/06/1928; Bucranium in round countermark on obv.Available
721327OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 169; Nordbo 112923 mm13.46 g12Acq. GodwynAvailable
731011OxfordAphrodisias-PlarasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 17; Feuardent (1919), 460 (Ready); Macdonald, type 16 (O18/R39)16 mm3.66 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
741327OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 170; Nordbo 114324 mm11.84 g12Acq. Christ Church; bucranium in round countermark on obv.Available
75318OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 171; Sotheby 28/11/1911, 333 part; Nordbo 114423 mm9.60 g0Acq. Milne 1924; found in Cyprus; bucranium in round countermark on obv.Available
761327OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 172; Nordbo 114624 mm13.06 g12Acq. Robinson 23/05/1960; bucranium in round countermark on obv.Available
77732OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 173; Sotheby 16/07/1906 (Johnston), 47 part20 mm5.71 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
781328OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 174; Nordbo 117018 mm4.16 g12Acq. GodwynAvailable
791328OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 175; Nordbo 117218 mm4.85 g12Acq. Balliol CollegeAvailable
801328OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 176; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 68 part; Nordbo 117120 mm5.85 g12Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
811089OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 17712 mm2.48 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 08/1912)Available
821329OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 17832 mm14.49 g12Acq. Milne 21/08/1925; Baldwin 13/06/1925Available
831090OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 17919 mm4.02 g0Acq. Milne 23/02/1934; Zitelli, RhodesAvailable
841292OxfordAphrodisias-PlarasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 18; MacDonald, p. 66, type 21 (O22/R49), c 16 mm2.49 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Baldwin 18/10/1923)Available
851091OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 18020 mm4.66 g0Acq. Robinson 23/05/1960Available
861330OxfordEuromosSNG Ashmolean XI, 181; Ashton 2003, pl. 7, B (this coin)14 mm2.44 g12Acq. Milne 1924; Hess 22/04/1913Available
87568OxfordEuromosSNG Ashmolean XI, 18219 mm5.95 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 06/1913)Available
881332OxfordEuromosSNG Ashmolean XI, 183; Sotheby 20/12/1920 (Peterson), 223 part19 mm6.27 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
89457OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 18411 mm1.40 g0Acq. Ferrell 11/2000Available
90457OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 18511 mm1.26 g0Available
91457OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 18612 mm1.16 g0Acq. Baldwin 02/12/1948Available
92465OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 187; Naville I (1921) (Pozzi), 260716 mm4.03 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
93465OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 18816 mm3.48 g0Acq. Milne 20/08/1926; Baldwin 18/05/1926Available
941333OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 18916 mm3.24 g12Acq. Robinson 07/1963Available
951293OxfordAphrodisias-PlarasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 19; MacDonald, p. 66, type 23 (023/R51), b16 mm3.22 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Baldwin 18/10/1923)Available
96271OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 190; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 68 part; Weber 650413 mm1.82 g0Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
971334OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 191; Sotheby 16/07/1906, 47 part18 mm3.23 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
981335OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 192; Feuardent 08/07/1919 (Ready), 465 part15 mm2.80 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
992101OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 193; Naville V (1923), 2908 part17 mm3.87 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
1001336OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 19519 mm4.41 g12Acq. Chester 1892Available
101654OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 19617 mm3.95 g12Acq. Evans 1941Available
102654OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 197; Sotheby 16/07/1906 (Johnston), 47 part16 mm3.25 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
1031105OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 19816 mm3.76 g0Acq. Milne 20/08/1926; Zitelli, Rhodes 05/11/1925Available
104268OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 199; Feuardent 08/07/1919 (Ready), 465 part16 mm4.97 g0Rev. ΑΛΙΚ. Acq. Milne 1924Available
1051284OxfordAlabanda/AntiocheiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 2; Meadows p. 182, 2310 mm1.04 g12Acq. Cameron 1948Available
106257OxfordAphrodisias-PlarasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 20; Macdonald, p. 68, type 28 (O28a/R60), f16 mm2.59 g0Acq. Christ Church; Grapes in round countermark on obv.Available
107269OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 200; Feuardent 08/07/1919 (Ready), 465 part16 mm3.87 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
1081337OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 202; Sotheby 27/11/1928, 219 part (from Egypt, Peckitt)18 mm5.64 g12Acq. Milne 12/12/1928Available
1091338OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 20316 mm6.13 g11Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 12/1912)Available
110460OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 20416 mm4.85 g0Acq. BodleyAvailable
1111103OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 20511 mm1.30 g0Acq. Baldwin 2/12/1948Available
1121113OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 20617 mm3.49 g0Acq. Milne 20/08/1926Available
1131339OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 20716 mm3.60 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 08/1914)Available
114274OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 20817 mm3.62 g0Acq. Milne 1924; Baldwin 13/02/1923Available
115274OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 20917 mm4.57 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 03/1913)Available
1161294OxfordAphrodisias-PlarasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 21; MacDonald, O49/R88, b13 mm1.60 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Hess 20/04/1913)Available
1171340OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 21014 mm2.89 g12Acq. Myres 24/01/1956Available
118575OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 21116 mm3.47 g11Acq. Baldwin 1951Available
1191341OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 212; Feuardent 08/07/1919 (Ready), 465 part20 mm8.08 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
1201342OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 21318 mm8.82 g12Acq. BodleyAvailable
1211342OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 214; Sotheby 16/07/1906 (Johston), 47 part19 mm9.17 g12Acq. Milne 30/10/1926Available
1221343OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 21520 mm5.90 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 03/1913)Available
1231344OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 216; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 68 part18 mm7.03 g12Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
1241345OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 21719 mm5.88 g12Acq. Oman 13/03/1878Available
1251346OxfordIasosSNG Ashmolean XI, 218; Ashton p. 55, 7 (A6/P7)18 mm5.02 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Stylianopoulos, Athens, 26/02/1924)Available
1261347OxfordIasosSNG Ashmolean XI, 219; Ashton p. 59, 6 (A5/P4)17 mm2.94 g12Acq. Milne (20/08/1926); ex ReadyAvailable
1271007OxfordAphrodisias-PlarasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 2211 mm1.21 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 1908)Available
1281122OxfordIasosSNG Ashmolean XI, 220; Feuardent 08/07/19 (Ready), 68 part15 mm4.00 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
1291348OxfordIasosSNG Ashmolean XI, 221; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 68 part; Ashton p. 61, 1 (A1/P1)17 mm3.98 g12Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
1301349OxfordIasosSNG Ashmolean XI, 222; Ashton p. 62, 1 (A1/P1)16 mm3.35 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 08/1912)Available
1311350OxfordIasosSNG Ashmolean XI, 223; Ashton p. 64, 6 (A5/P6)17 mm2.36 g12Acq. Spink 23/08/1927; ex Rogers coll.; ex Warren coll.Available
1321351OxfordIasosSNG Ashmolean XI, 224; Sotheby 08/07/1919 (Ready), 465 part; Ashton p. 64,5 (A5/P5)17 mm3.35 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
133471OxfordIasosSNG Ashmolean XI, 225; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 68 part; Weber 6525; Ashton p. 70, 9 (A2/P6)20 mm7.57 g0Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
1341352OxfordIasosSNG Ashmolean XI, 226; Ashton p. 70, 2 (A2/P2)19 mm6.57 g12Acq. Baldwin 02/12/1948Available
135470OxfordIasosSNG Ashmolean XI, 227; Hesperia Art 36 (1966), 45; Ashton p. 71, 1 (A1/P1)20 mm6.47 g0Acq. Robinson 05/1966Available
1361353OxfordIdymaSNG Ashmolean XI, 228; Jacquier FPL 15 (1993), 66; Jacquier FPL 14 (1992), 1348 mm0.35 g0PlatedAvailable
13774OxfordIdymaSNG Ashmolean XI, 229; Ashton 4e (A2/P3)15 mm3.44 g0Acq. Hay 06/1974Available
1381558OxfordAphrodisias-PlarasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 23; MacDonald, O71/R111, f16 mm3.73 g12Acq. Milne (20/08/1926); ex ReadyAvailable
1391354OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 23010 mm0.60 g12Available
1401129OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 231; Akarca 26a.613 mm2.10 g0Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
1411355OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 232; Akarca 30a, 11 or 1217 mm4.56 g12Acq. Buckler 11/05/1939Available
1421355OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 233; Sotheby 20/12/1920 (Peterson), 223 part; Akarca 30a, 11 or 1215 mm3.21 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
1431355OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 234; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 68 part; Weber 6529; Akarca 30a, 1317 mm4.00 g12Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
1441355OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 235; Akarca 30b, 215 mm3.30 g12Acq. Baldwin 09/03/1950Available
145320OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 236; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 68 part; Weber 6528; Akarca 34a, 313 mm1.29 g0Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
146320OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 23713 mm1.56 g0Acq. Ferrell 11/2000Available
147320OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 23812 mm1.52 g0Acq. Baldwin 04/05/1950Available
148320OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 23913 mm1.68 g0Acq. BodleyAvailable
1491009OxfordAphrodisias-PlarasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 24; Sotheby 20/12/1920, 223 part (Peterson)9 mm0.91 g0Acq. MilneAvailable
150320OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 24012 mm1.53 g0Available
1511356OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 241; Ashton 283 (A100/P225)16 mm2.35 g1Acq. BodleyAvailable
1521357OxfordMyndosSNG Ashmolean XI, 242; Naville I (1921, Pozzi coll.), 261118 mm3.50 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
1531358OxfordMyndosSNG Ashmolean XI, 24315 mm2.21 g12Acq. 20/08/1992Available
1541359OxfordMyndosSNG Ashmolean XI, 24415 mm2.18 g12Acq. 20/08/1992Available
1551360OxfordMyndosSNG Ashmolean XI, 24516 mm2.15 g12Acq. 20/08/1992Available
1561361OxfordMyndosSNG Ashmolean XI, 246; Sotheby 20/12/1920 (Peterson), 223 part17 mm2.84 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
157327OxfordMyndosSNG Ashmolean XI, 247; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 69 part; Weber 654316 mm5.45 g0Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
1581362OxfordMyndosSNG Ashmolean XI, 24815 mm3.11 g12Acq. Myres 24/01/1956Available
1591363OxfordMyndosSNG Ashmolean XI, 249; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 69 part; Weber 654119 mm4.41 g12Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
1601295OxfordBargyliaSNG Ashmolean XI, 2520 mm7.51 g12Acq. Pullan 15/6/1956Available
161328OxfordMyndosSNG Ashmolean XI, 25017 mm6.22 g0Acq. Myres 24/01/1956Available
1621364OxfordMyndosSNG Ashmolean XI, 251; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 69 part; Weber 654018 mm5.15 g12Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
1631134OxfordMyndosSNG Ashmolean XI, 253; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 69 part; Weber 654412 mm1.52 g0Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
1641134OxfordMyndosSNG Ashmolean XI, 25412 mm1.39 g0Acq. Shortt 1975Available
1651365OxfordMyndosSNG Ashmolean XI, 255; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 69 part; Weber 653926 mm8.94 g12Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
1661366OxfordMyndosSNG Ashmolean XI, 2569 mm0.72 g6Acq. Spink 23/08/1927; ex Rogers coll.; Ex warren coll.Available
1671367OxfordOrthosiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 257; Delrieux 9 (D7/R7)14 mm2.25 g6Acq. New CollegeAvailable
168502OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 258; Meadows 136d (O55/R106)12 mm1.22 g0Acq. Oman 1947Available
1691369OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 259; Meadows 20a (O11/R20)14 mm1.64 g12Acq. Milne 20/08/1926; Baldwin 18/05/1926Available
170263OxfordBargyliaSNG Ashmolean XI, 2617 mm4.02 g0Rev. ΒΑΡΓΥ / ΛΙΗΤΩΝ; acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
1711370OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 260; Meadows 38a (O20/R38)14 mm1.48 g12Acq. Robinson 08/10/1946Available
1721371OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 262; Meadows 5c (O4/R5)15 mm1.26 g12Acq. Griffith 28/05/1923; piercedAvailable
173747OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 263; Meadows 9a (O6/R9)15 mm1.32 g12Acq. Oman 1947Available
1742065OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 26417 mm3.23 g12Acq. Robinson 23/05/1960Available
1751153OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 26512 mm1.98 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 08/1912)Available
176334OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 26615 mm2.75 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 06/1911)Available
177334OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 267; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 69 part17 mm3.98 g0Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
178334OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 268; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 69 part15 mm3.77 g0Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
179331OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 269; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 69 part; Weber 656212 mm1.38 g0Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
1801296OxfordBargyliaSNG Ashmolean XI, 2712 mm1.57 g12Acq. Pullan 15/6/1956Available
181331OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 27013 mm1.62 g0Acq. Cameron 1948Available
1821372OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 27111 mm1.11 g12Acq. Selby 09/1976Available
183333OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 27212 mm1.25 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 01/1911)Available
184749OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 27319 mm6.57 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 01/1911)Available
1851152OxfordStratonikeiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 27415 mm4.11 g12Acq. GodwynAvailable
1861156OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 27510 mm1.10 g12Acq. Shortt 1975Available
1871156OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 276; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 69 part; Weber 657210 mm0.87 g12Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
1881375OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 277; Feuardent 08/07/1919 (Ready), 465 part15 mm1.85 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
1891373OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 27815 mm2.85 g12Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
1901374OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 27913 mm2.52 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 08/1914)Available
1911298OxfordBargyliaSNG Ashmolean XI, 2813 mm1.94 g12Acq. Baldwin 02/12/1948Available
1921374OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 28016 mm2.03 g12Acq. Milne 1924; Mrs Birch 06/1915Available
1931376OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 28115 mm3.98 g12Acq. Milne 1924; Baldwin 01/08/1924Available
194335OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 282; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 69 part; Weber 657116 mm3.23 g0Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
1951377OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 28317 mm5.89 g12Available
1961377OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 28418 mm3.15 g12Acq. Baldwin 28/03/1950Available
197522OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 285; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 69 part; Weber 657017 mm4.03 g0Acq. Milne 21/08/1925Available
198614OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 286; Sotheby 16/07/1906 (Johnston), 47 part17 mm3.60 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
199614OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 28718 mm4.61 g12Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
2001378OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 28817 mm4.10 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Kelekian, Istanbul, 11/1907Available
201614OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 28916 mm3.81 g12Acq. Robinson 23/05/1960Available
2021013OxfordBargyliaSNG Ashmolean XI, 2918 mm3.92 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Shepherd 29/06/1916)Available
2031379OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 29018 mm3.59 g12Acq. Robinson 23/05/1960Available
2041158OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 29216 mm3.82 g12Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
2051158OxfordTabaiSNG Ashmolean XI, 29315 mm2.19 g12Acq. Chirst ChurchAvailable
206583OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 294; Glendining 21/02/1961 (Lockett); SNG Lockett 2785; Naville I (1921, Pozzi coll.), 246712 mm1.56 g0Acq. Robinson 26/06/1961Available
207213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 295; Glendining 10/05/1949, 28211 mm1.84 g0Available
208213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 29612 mm2.03 g0Acq. Baldwin 18/06/1949Available
209213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 297; Glendining 10/05/1949, 28212 mm2.07 g0Available
210213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 298; Glendining 10/05/1949, 28211 mm1.98 g0Available
211213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 29912 mm2.09 g0Acq. Baldwin 18/06/1949Available
2121284OxfordAlabanda/AntiocheiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 3; Meadows p., 182, 2410 mm0.98 g12Acq. Cameron 1948Available
2131013OxfordBargyliaSNG Ashmolean XI, 30; Sotheby, 11/12/1924, 68 (part); Weber, 644517 mm3.80 g0Acq. Milne 1925Available
214213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 300; Glendining 10/05/1949, 28211 mm2.00 g0Available
215213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 301; Glendining 10/05/1949, 28211 mm1.85 g0Available
216213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 302; Glendining 10/05/1949, 28211 mm1.91 g0Available
217213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 30311 mm2.07 g0Acq. Baldwin 18/06/1949Available
218213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 30412 mm1.78 g0Acq. Baldwin 18/06/1949Available
219213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 30511 mm2.03 g0Acq. Baldwin 18/06/1949Available
220213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 30612 mm1.99 g0Acq. Baldwin 18/06/1949Available
221213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 30711 mm2.02 g0Acq. Baldwin 18/06/1949Available
222213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 30812 mm1.89 g0Acq. Baldwin 18/06/1949Available
223213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 309; Glendining 10/05/1949, 28212 mm1.89 g0Available
2241015OxfordBargyliaSNG Ashmolean XI, 3114 mm2.44 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Sepheriades, ex Smyrna) 10/02/1923Available
225213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 31012 mm1.99 g0Acq. Baldwin 18/06/1949Available
226213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 311; Glendining 10/05/1949, 28213 mm2.01 g0Available
227213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 312; Glendining 10/05/1949, 28212 mm2.10 g0Available
228213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 31312 mm2.09 g0Acq. Baldwin 18/06/1949Available
229213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 314; Glendining 10/05/1949, 28213 mm2.05 g0Available
230213OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 315; Kraay and Moorey 1968, p. 187, 6111 mm1.79 g0Acq Robinson 1867Available
231214OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 316; Glendining 10/05/1949, 28211 mm1.98 g0Available
232214OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 31710 mm1.57 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 05/1914)Available
233582OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 31818 mm10.85 g0Acq. Milne 20/08/1936; Baldwin 16/09/1925Available
234582OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 31919 mm10.83 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
235433OxfordKaunosSNG Ashmolean XI, 32; Cummings FPL 04/1990, G29; Konuk, 33 (O9/R11)13 mm2.55 g0Acq. Pullan 23/04/1990Available
236583OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 32011 mm1.70 g0Acq. Robinson 03/1967Available
2371380OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 32220 mm11.09 g0Acq. Seaby 12/08/1954Available
2381380OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 32320 mm10.93 g0Acq. Robinson 10/1964Available
2391381OxfordMylasa ?SNG Ashmolean XI, 324; MMAG FPL 180 (1958), 3715 mm3.29 g0Acq. Robinson 11/09/1958Available
2401382OxfordUncertainSNG Ashmolean XI, 32511 mm1.43 g6Acq. Robinson 10/1966Available
2411382OxfordUncertainSNG Ashmolean XI, 32610 mm1.26 g6Acq. 25/08/1995Available
2421383OxfordUncertainSNG Ashmolean XI, 3278 mm0.63 g8Acq. Robinson 03/1967Available
2431384OxfordUncertainSNG Ashmolean XI, 3289 mm0.67 g0Acq. Robinson 03/1967Available
244430OxfordUncertain Mint BSNG Ashmolean XI, 32914 mm2.74 g0Acq. Pullan 10/04/1991Available
245432OxfordKaunosSNG Ashmolean XI, 33; Konuk, 35p (O10/R13)11 mm2.53 g0Acq. Hay 06/1971Available
246969OxfordUncertain Mint DSNG Ashmolean XI, 3318 mm0.62 g0Acq. Pullan 23/03/1992Available
2471386OxfordUncertain Mint DSNG Ashmolean XI, 33312 mm2.14 g12Acq. Oman 1947Available
2481387OxfordUncertain Mint DSNG Ashmolean XI, 33410 mm1.14 g3Acq. Robinson 1967Available
2491388OxfordUncertain Mint DSNG Ashmolean XI, 33513 mm2.18 g12Acq. Hay 08/1972Available
250971OxfordUncertain Mint DSNG Ashmolean XI, 3367 mm0.37 g0Acq. Pullan 03/1990Available
251673OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 3378 mm0.43 g6Acq. Pullan 16/05/1990. Rev: no trace of a letterAvailable
252673OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 3388 mm0.49 g6Acq. Pullan 16/05/1990. Rev.: no trace of a letterAvailable
253937OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 3396 mm0.25 g9Acq. 07/04/1971Available
254924OxfordKaunosSNG Ashmolean XI, 34; Konuk 51e (O6/R4)9 mm1.18 g10Acq. Pullan 16/05/1990 ex Cummings (?)Available
255935OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 340; Konuk 2009, Type 2.1, c (letter incorrectly described)6 mm0.28 g5Acq. Pullan 11/05/1990Available
2561390OxfordMylasa ?SNG Ashmolean XI, 341; CNR XV/2 (1990), 1125 mm0.13 g6Acq. Pullan 11/05/1990Available
2571391OxfordUncertainSNG Ashmolean XI, 3425 mm0.25 g9Acq. Pullan 16/05/1990Available
258967OxfordUncertainSNG Ashmolean XI, 343; CNR XV/2 (1990), 1116 mm0.23 g11Acq. Pullan 11/05/1990Available
2591393OxfordKasolaba (?)SNG Ashmolean XI, 3446 mm0.43 g12Acq. 14/10/1992Available
260944OxfordKasolaba (?)SNG Ashmolean XI, 3457 mm0.48 g9Acq. 14/10/1992Available
261945OxfordKasolaba (?)SNG Ashmolean XI, 3467 mm0.41 g12Acq. 06/05/1998Available
2621394OxfordKasolaba (?)SNG Ashmolean XI, 3477 mm0.34 g11Acq. Falkiner 24/07/2001Available
2631395OxfordUncertain Mint GSNG Ashmolean XI, 34913 mm2.66 g3Acq. Robinson 1964Available
2641299OxfordKaunosSNG Ashmolean XI, 35; Kress 137 (1966), 369; Troxell 1979, 22; Konuk, 68b7 mm0.35 g10Acq. Robinson 01/1967Available
2651395OxfordUncertain Mint GSNG Ashmolean XI, 350; Konuk pl. 4, M51 (this coin); Konuk 2007a, 2.1 (this coin)14 mm2.87 g3Acq. Robinson 01/1967Available
2661396OxfordUncertain Mint GSNG Ashmolean XI, 351; Konuk 2007a, p. 104, 3.1 (this coin)10 mm1.00 g6Acq. Pullan 11/01/1991Available
2671396OxfordUncertain Mint GSNG Ashmolean XI, 352; NCirc 03 (1990), 828; Konuk 2007a 3.1b10 mm0.88 g6Acq. PullanAvailable
268446OxfordUncertainSNG Ashmolean XI, 35312 mm2.06 g0Acq. Robinson 03/1967Available
269226OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 35414 mm4.22 g0Acq. Oman 1947Available
270226OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 35515 mm4.17 g0Acq. Milne 20/08/1926; Baldwin 18/05/1926Available
271225OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 35615 mm4.26 g0Acq. Oman 1947Available
272444OxfordUncertainSNG Ashmolean XI, 357; Konuk 2013, 14 (this coin)12 mm2.17 g0Acq. Robinson 11/1966Available
2731397OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 35824 mm14.87 g12Acq. Evans 1941Available
2741398OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 35925 mm15.11 g12Acq. Milne 15/01/1929Available
2751300OxfordKaunosSNG Ashmolean XI, 36; Konuk, 69a (O2/R2)6 mm0.22 g4Acq. Pullan 11/01/1991Available
276230OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 36013 mm3.66 g0Acq. New CollegeAvailable
277230OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 361; Sotheby 24/07/1911, 168 part14 mm2.78 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
278230OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 36214 mm3.47 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
279230OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 36315 mm3.48 g0Acq. J.M.F. May 1961Available
280233OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 364; Santamaria 07/03/1910, 81215 mm3.71 g0Acq. Oman 1947Available
281230OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 36513 mm3.64 g0Acq. GodwynAvailable
282230OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 36613 mm3.65 g0Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
2831399OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 36724 mm15.12 g12Acq. Milne 15/01/1929Available
284241OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 368 (misattributed to Idrieus)19 mm6.48 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
285235OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 36914 mm3.80 g0Acq. MMAG 10/1957Available
286787OxfordKaunosSNG Ashmolean XI, 37; Konuk, 87a (O30/R28)21 mm11.60 g0Acq. Robinson 20/04/1966Available
287238OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 3709 mm0.89 g0Acq. MMAG 10/1951Available
288241OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 37120 mm6.45 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 10/1912)Available
2891401OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 37220 mm6.84 g12Acq. Robinson 09/1966 (Sepheriades, Athens)Available
2901163OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 37316 mm3.56 g12Acq. 03/03/1999Available
291241OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 37420 mm6.78 g0Acq. Myres 24/01/1956Available
2921163OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 37515 mm3.75 g12Acq. Christ Church; Cast ?Available
293448OxfordHalikarnassosSNG Ashmolean XI, 3769 mm0.77 g0Acq. Oman 1947Available
2941405OxfordUncertainSNG Ashmolean XI, 37720 mm15.45 g6Acq. RobinsonAvailable
2951406OxfordUncertainSNG Ashmolean XI, 378; Leu 2 (1972), 25513 mm3.51 g12Acq. Robinson 06/1972Available
2961407OxfordUncertainSNG Ashmolean XI, 379; Hess-Leu 45 (1970), 304; Konuk 2000, pl. XXX, 18 (this coin)21 mm14.61 g12Acq. Robinson 12/05/1970Available
297220OxfordKaunosSNG Ashmolean XI, 38; Troxell 1979, 28; Konuk, 101a (O42/R42)22 mm11.50 g0Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 15/01/1929Available
2981408OxfordUncertainSNG Ashmolean XI, 380; MMAG FPL 265 (1966), 1419 mm13.74 g6Acq. Robinson 06/1966Available
2991408OxfordUncertainSNG Ashmolean XI, 38121 mm14.83 g6Acq. Chester 15/05/1888Available
300524OxfordAstypalaiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 38212 mm2.11 g0Acq. Milne 1924; Baldwin 27/04/1922Available
3011409OxfordAstypalaiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 38314 mm1.67 g12Acq. Milne 09/07/1934; RogersAvailable
3021410OxfordAstypalaiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 38411 mm1.37 g12Acq. Martin 09/1975Available
3031165OxfordAstypalaiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 38511 mm2.40 g12Acq. New CollegeAvailable
3041165OxfordAstypalaiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 38613 mm1.59 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 06/1913)Available
3051165OxfordAstypalaiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 387; Sotheby 04/12/1919, 1313 mm1.58 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
3061168OxfordKalymnaSNG Ashmolean XI, 38814 mm3.95 g12Acq. Myres 24/01/1956Available
3071168OxfordKalymnaSNG Ashmolean XI, 389; Sotheby 04/12/1919, 1314 mm2.68 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
308584OxfordKaunosSNG Ashmolean XI, 39; Kress 137 (1966), 344; Konuk 119c10 mm0.75 g12Acq. Robinson 01/1967Available
3091169OxfordKalymnaSNG Ashmolean XI, 390; Sotheby 17/06/1908, 470 part12 mm1.95 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
3101170OxfordKalymnaSNG Ashmolean XI, 391; Sotheby 20/12/1920 (Peterson), 223 part11 mm1.58 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
3111170OxfordKalymnaSNG Ashmolean XI, 392; Sotheby 17/06/1908, 470 part10 mm1.34 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
312341OxfordKalymnaSNG Ashmolean XI, 393; Höghammar, 919 mm6.32 g0Acq. Myres 24/01/1956Available
313757OxfordKalymnaSNG Ashmolean XI, 394; Höghammar 4520 mm5.97 g6Acq. Milne 07/10/1932 (Zitelli, Rhodes)Available
3141166OxfordKalymnaSNG Ashmolean XI, 395; Höghammar 7115 mm3.28 g6Acq. Oman 1947Available
3151171OxfordKalymnaSNG Ashmolean XI, 39612 mm2.40 g12Acq. Chester 1892Available
3161411OxfordKarpathosSNG Ashmolean XI, 39723 mm13.92 g12Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
3171174OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 398; MMAG 13 (1954), 1183; Barron 14e (A10/P9)25 mm16.48 g9Acq. Robinson 1964Available
3181412OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 399; MMAG 25 (1962), 468; Ingvaldsen 5a (O3/R5)24 mm15.23 g12Acq. Robinson 02/1963Available
3191285OxfordAlabanda/AntiocheiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 4; Meadows p. 182, 22 (this coin)10 mm1.37 g3Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 15/6/1928Available
320585OxfordKaunosSNG Ashmolean XI, 409 mm0.92 g5Acq. 25/08/1995Available
3211413OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 400; Ingvaldsen 51d (O20/R45)24 mm13.76 g6Acq. Myres 24/01/1956Available
322351OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 401; Ingvaldsen 35f (O4/R16)18 mm6.22 g0Acq. Milne 20/08/1926; Baldwin 02/11/1925; uncertain type in round cmkAvailable
323351OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 402; Ingvaldsen 35b (O4/R16)18 mm6.49 g0Acq. Oman 1947Available
324525OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 404; Ingvaldsen, 19a (O8/R14)17 mm6.37 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna, 11/1912)Available
3251414OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 40514 mm3.15 g12Acq. Milne 21/08/1925 (Zitelli, Rhodes, 01/10/1924)Available
3261190OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 406; Ingvaldsen 14a (O7/R9)14 mm3.32 g6Acq. Milne 1924 (A. Cahn 01/03/1913Available
3271415OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 407; Ingvaldsen 27a (O13/R20)15 mm3.22 g6Acq. Keble College (Lincoln 30/08/1889)Available
3281416OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 408; Ingvaldsen 3a (O3/R3)14 mm3.28 g6Acq. RayeAvailable
329536OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 40911 mm1.26 g10Acq. J.H. Laing 21/07/1949
330280OxfordKaunosSNG Ashmolean XI, 4113 mm1.60 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
3311417OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 410; Naville IV (1922), 901; Ingvaldsen, 1c (O1/R1)19 mm6.52 g12Acq. Milne 1924; BaldwinAvailable
3321418OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 411; Naville I (1921, Pozzi coll.), 2652; Ingvaldsen, 12b (O5/R8)19 mm6.20 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
3331419OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 412; Ingvaldsen 12a (O3/R8)14 mm3.01 g9Acq. Milne 17/10/1932 (Zitelli, Rhodes)Available
3341420OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 413; Naville V (1923), 2649; Ingvaldsen, 15c (O4/R10)16 mm3.39 g12Acq. Milne 1924; Baldwin 13/07/1923Available
3351421OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 414; Ingvaldsen 23a (O6/R17a)14 mm3.16 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 08/1911)Available
3361422OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 415; Ingvaldsen 27c (O7/R21)15 mm2.68 g6Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 08/1911)Available
3371423OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 41614 mm2.93 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 08/1911)Available
338765OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 417; Ingvaldsen 38c (O11/R27)15 mm2.60 g11Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 08/1911)Available
3391206OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 418; Sotheby 28/07/1922, 211 part; Ingvaldsen 48a (O15/R34)15 mm2.89 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
340356OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 419; Ingvaldsen 51a (O14/R36)16 mm2.68 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 08/1911)Available
341280OxfordKaunosSNG Ashmolean XI, 42; Sotheby 04/12/1919, 14 (part)13 mm1.54 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
342356OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 420; Ingvaldsen 62b (O18/R44)16 mm2.89 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 08/1911)Available
3431204OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 421; Ingvaldsen 73a (O18/R51)15 mm2.86 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 08/1911)Available
3441205OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 422; Ingvaldsen 82a (O22/R56)14 mm3.14 g3Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 08/1911)Available
3451205OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 423; Ingvaldsen 85a (O23/R59)16 mm2.75 g3Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 08/1911)Available
346358OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 424; Ingvaldsen 48d (O17/R36)12 mm1.35 g0Acq. Robinson 09/02/1957; BaldwinAvailable
3471424OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 425; Ingvaldsen 2a (O1/R2)20 mm6.61 g12Acq. Keble College (Spink 25/04/1890)Available
3481425OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 426; Ingvaldsen 59a (monneyer not read)12 mm1.66 g12Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 04/05/1928Available
3491426OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 428; Ingvaldsen 2212 mm1.58 g12Acq. Myres 24/01/1956Available
3501427OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 429; Ingvaldsen 11314 mm1.48 g12Acq. Shortt 1975
3511017OxfordKaunosSNG Ashmolean XI, 4310 mm1.55 g0Acq. Baldwin 9/08/1950Available
3521428OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 430; Sotheby 10/12/1920 (Peterson), 223 part; Ingvaldsen 3113 mm1.71 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
3531429OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 431; Ingvaldsen 6115 mm2.14 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 01/1912)Available
3541429OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 432; Ingvaldsen 6213 mm1.75 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 01/1912)Available
3551198OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 433; Ingvaldsen 8414 mm2.26 g12Acq. Baldwin 24/03/1950Available
3561430OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 434; Ingvaldsen 6815 mm2.69 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 01/1912)Available
3571430OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 435; Ingvaldsen 6714 mm2.77 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 01/1912)Available
3581431OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 436; Ingvaldsen 815 mm2.18 g11Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 01/1912)Available
3591432OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 437; Sotheby 20/12/1920 (Peterson), 223 part; Ingvaldsen 12014 mm1.96 g12Acq. Milne 1924; uncertain sign in oblong cmk on obv.Available
360291OxfordKaunosSNG Ashmolean XI, 44; Ashton 23b (A9/P20)13 mm1.20 g0Acq. Robinson 26/11/1960 (Baldwin)Available
3611433OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 440; Ingvaldsen 10315 mm2.34 g1Acq. Myres 24/01/1956Available
3621200OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 442; Sotheby 27/11/1928, 219 part (from Egypt; Peckitt); Ingvaldsen 2411 mm0.73 g6Acq. Milne 12/12/1928Available
3631434OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 443; Ingvaldsen 5111 mm1.07 g12Acq. Chester 1892Available
3641435OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 444; Ingvaldsen 1118 mm3.19 g12Acq. Burton Brown 31/05/1948 in Cyrenaica; Crab in rectangular cmk on rev.Available
3651436OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 445; Ingvaldsen 3115 mm3.56 g6Acq. Milne 17/10/1932 (Zitelli, Rhodes); crab in rectangular cmk on rev.Available
3661437OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 446; Ingvaldsen 4216 mm4.96 g12Acq. Baldwin 09/03/1950; Crab in rectangular cmk on rev.Available
367359OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 447; Ingvaldsen 5016 mm3.82 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 06/1911)Available
3681438OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 448; Ingvaldsen 7315 mm3.23 g6Acq. Baldwin 28/03/1950Available
369590OxfordKaunosSNG Ashmolean XI, 4518 mm5.06 g12Acq. Robinson 26/11/1960; BaldwinAvailable
3701439OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 45015 mm2.93 g6Acq. Milne 30/03/1951; BaldwinAvailable
371529OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 451; Sotheby 16/07/1906 (Johnston), 47 part; Ingvaldsen 12617 mm3.33 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
372529OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 452; Ingvaldsen 13016 mm3.52 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 12/1913)Available
3731440OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 453; Ingvaldsen 159 (moneyer not read)15 mm2.80 g12Acq. Chester 20/05/1891Available
3741441OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 454; Ingvaldsen 7a11 mm1.80 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 07/1913)Available
3751443OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 455; Ingvaldsen 1a (O1/R1)15 mm3.14 g12Acq. Oman 1947Available
3761444OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 456; Sotheby 03/02/1909 (Benson), 715A14 mm2.78 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
3771442OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 457; Ingvaldsen 11a (O10/R12)17 mm3.14 g12Acq. Milne 17/10/1932 (Zitelli, Rhodes)Available
3781442OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 458; Ingvaldsen 12a (O11/R12)17 mm2.67 g12Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
3791445OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 459; Ingvaldsen 7a (O7/R7)15 mm3.13 g12Acq. Milne 17/10/1932 (Zitelli, Rhodes)Available
380243OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 4618 mm3.87 g0Acq. Evans 1924Available
381362OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 460; Sotheby 11/12/1924, 68 part; Weber 6505; Ingvaldsen 4a (O3/R4)17 mm1.06 g0Acq. Milne 21/08/1925; (AE by error in SNG); brokenAvailable
382362OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 461; Ingvaldsen 5a (O4/R5)12 mm1.25 g0Acq. Milne 21/08/1925 (Zitelli, Rhodes, 15/10/1925); (AE by error in SNG)Available
3831446OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 462; Kroll 6a14 mm1.59 g12Acq. Milne 22/10/1935Available
3841447OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 463; Kroll 12h15 mm1.91 g12Acq. Milne 22/10/1935Available
3851448OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 464; Kroll 7e14 mm1.98 g12Acq. Milne 22/10/1935Available
3861448OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 465; Kroll 7f15 mm1.98 g12Acq. Milne 22/10/1935Available
3871449OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 466; Kroll 15a15 mm1.89 g1Acq. Robinson 1964Available
3881449OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 467; Kroll 15c15 mm1.90 g1Acq. Milne 22/10/1935Available
3891212OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 468; Kroll 16d15 mm1.95 g12Acq. Milne 20/10/1935Available
3901450OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 469; Kroll 20b14 mm2.10 g12Acq. Milne 22/10/1935Available
391243OxfordMylasaSNG Ashmolean XI, 47; Sotheby 26/07/1920, 117 (part)17 mm3.80 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
3921451OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 470; Kroll 21d14 mm2.15 g12Acq. Milne 22/10/1935Available
3931452OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 471; Kroll 22c13 mm2.05 g12Acq. Milne 22/10/1935Available
3941453OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 472; Kroll 23a15 mm2.17 g12Acq. Milne 22/10/1935Available
3951453OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 473; Kroll 23h15 mm2.00 g12Acq. Milne 22/10/1935Available
3961454OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 474; Kroll 24a14 mm2.18 g12Acq. Milne 22/10/1935Available
3971455OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 475; Kroll 27j15 mm1.95 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Shepherd 13/03/1924)Available
3981456OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 476; Kroll 26f15 mm1.98 g12Acq. Milne 22/10/1935Available
3991214OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 477; Kroll 29h13 mm1.90 g12Acq. Keble College (Spink 04/02/1890)Available
4001214OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 478; Sotheby 27/11/1917, 190 part; Kroll 29j14 mm2.10 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
4011213OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 479; Kroll 32k15 mm1.85 g12Acq. Oman 1947Available
402296OxfordKeramosSNG Ashmolean XI, 4817 mm5.38 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 07/1913)Available
4031457OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 480; Sotheby 26/07/1910, 31016 mm2.40 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
4041458OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 481; Ingvaldsen 7122 mm7.33 g12Acq. New CollegeAvailable
4051217OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 482; Ingvaldsen 2921 mm6.58 g12Acq. GodwynAvailable
4061218OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 483; Ingvaldsen 7822 mm8.38 g12Acq. GodwynAvailable
4071218OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 484; Ingvaldsen 8323 mm7.75 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 06/1913)Available
4081222OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 485; Ingvaldsen 324 mm7.14 g12Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
4091223OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 486; Ingvaldsen 10121 mm10.67 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 07/1913)Available
410767OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 48724 mm8.70 g12Acq. Shortt 1975Available
411767OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 488; Sotheby 26/07/1910, 310 part23 mm7.57 g12Acq. Milne 1914Available
412767OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 48925 mm9.34 g12Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
413296OxfordKeramosSNG Ashmolean XI, 4919 mm4.19 g0Acq. Weller 08/01/1980Available
414767OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 49024 mm10.81 g12Acq. Milne 20/08/1926; Ex Ready, Ex Babington; Head of Apollo in oblong cmk on Available
415533OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 49126 mm11.18 g0Acq. GodwynAvailable
416533OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 49224 mm7.64 g0Acq. Pullan 15/06/1956Available
417534OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 49323 mm6.96 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Smyrna 06/1908); PiercedAvailable
418768OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 49424 mm9.73 g0Acq. Prichard 06/11/1936Available
419768OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 49521 mm7.02 g0Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
420768OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 49622 mm5.53 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 07/1913)Available
4211230OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 49722 mm6.65 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 03/1912)Available
4221231OxfordKosSNG Ashmolean XI, 49821 mm6.89 g12Acq. Evans 1941Available
423539OxfordNisyrosSNG Ashmolean XI, 499; Glendining 19/09/1918 (Shepherd), 85 part; Ashton 2ii, 410 mm1.28 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
424985OxfordAlabanda/AntiocheiaSNG Ashmolean XI, 5; Glendining 23/11/ 1920, 31 part (Shepherd)13 mm2.27 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
425561OxfordKnidian KhersonesosSNG Ashmolean XI, 5010 mm0.89 g0Acq. Robinson 08/1968Available
426539OxfordNisyrosSNG Ashmolean XI, 500; Ashton 2ii, 1510 mm0.97 g0Acq. Milne 23/02/1934; Zitelli, RhodesAvailable
427539OxfordNisyrosSNG Ashmolean XI, 501; Ashton 2ii, 1711 mm0.92 g0Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 05/1911)Available
4281459OxfordKamirosSNG Ashmolean XI, 5027 mm0.39 g0Acq. Robinson 02/1967Available
4291234OxfordKamirosSNG Ashmolean XI, 503; Naville XVI (1923), 14118 mm0.62 g0Available
430778OxfordKamirosSNG Ashmolean XI, 504; NCirc 03/1990, 8258 mm0.47 g0Acq. Pullan 03/1990Available
431779OxfordKamirosSNG Ashmolean XI, 505; NCirc 03/1990, 8267 mm0.38 g0Acq. Pullan 03/1990; (obv. describes as fig leaf)
432368OxfordKamirosSNG Ashmolean XI, 506; Sotheby 04/05/1908 (O'Hagan), 60420 mm12.02 g0Acq. Oman 1947Available
433368OxfordKamirosSNG Ashmolean XI, 507; Sotheby 28/07/1922, 211 part20 mm11.72 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
4341235OxfordKamirosSNG Ashmolean XI, 50820 mm11.52 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
4351236OxfordKamirosSNG Ashmolean XI, 509; Naville XVI (1933), 141213 mm2.83 g0Available
436563OxfordKnidian KhersonesosSNG Ashmolean XI, 51; Cahn X25a (this coin)10 mm1.39 g0Acq. Robinson 03/1967Available
4371460OxfordKamirosSNG Ashmolean XI, 5105 mm0.17 g0Acq. Pullan 04/05/1992Available
438780OxfordKamirosSNG Ashmolean XI, 51111 mm1.70 g0Acq. Milne 23/02/1934; Zitelli, RhodesAvailable
439365OxfordIalysosSNG Ashmolean XI, 51212 mm2.03 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
440365OxfordIalysosSNG Ashmolean XI, 51312 mm2.01 g0Acq. H.A. Cahn 04/1953Available
441367OxfordIalysosSNG Ashmolean XI, 514; Naville I (1921, Pozzi coll.), 239711 mm1.40 g0Acq. Milne 1924; Baldwin 11/05/1921Available
442367OxfordIalysosSNG Ashmolean XI, 51511 mm1.40 g0Acq. Milne (Zitelli, Rhodes, 29/12/1925)Available
443367OxfordIalysosSNG Ashmolean XI, 51611 mm1.39 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
444774OxfordIalysosSNG Ashmolean XI, 5177 mm0.67 g7Acq. Robinson 10/1966Available
445371OxfordLindosSNG Ashmolean XI, 518; Naville XVII (1934), 574; Naville X (1925), 716; Merzbacher 15/11/1910, 756; Sotheby 03/02/1909 (Benson), 718; J. Hirsch XIII (1905) (Rhousopoulos), 4001; Cahn A.821 mm13.48 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
446371OxfordLindosSNG Ashmolean XI, 519; Cahn B.321 mm13.29 g0Acq. Milne 21/08/1925 (Zitelli, Rhodes, 15/01/1925)Available
447662OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 52; Not in Cahn11 mm1.82 g10Acq. MMAG 10/1957Available
448781OxfordLindosSNG Ashmolean XI, 5209 mm0.93 g12Acq. Milne 02/07/1928Available
4491461OxfordLindosSNG Ashmolean XI, 521; Cahn E, 422 mm13.60 g0Acq. Robinson 1964; Ph. Lambe coll.Available
4501462OxfordLindosSNG Ashmolean XI, 522; Gans 15 (1955), 283; Hamburger 98 (1933), 825; Hoover HGC 1399 (this coin); Cahn H, 323 mm13.12 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
451372OxfordLindosSNG Ashmolean XI, 52312 mm2.09 g0Acq. Oman 1947Available
4521238OxfordLindosSNG Ashmolean XI, 524; Naville I (1921, Pozzi coll.), 267512 mm2.05 g9Acq. Milne 1924Available
453992OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 52526 mm13.63 g12Acq. Spink 06/02/1957Available
454992OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 526; Kress 138 (1967), 39125 mm15.16 g12Acq. Robinson 11/1967Available
455991OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 527; Jameson, 1549; Schulman 232 (1959), 136024 mm15.05 g12Acq. Robinson 06/04/1959Available
456636OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 528; Hess 14/04/1954, 168; Jameson, 155022 mm10.90 g0Acq. Robinson 1964; P. Mathey coll.Available
457785OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 529; MMAG FPL 157 (1956), 1912 mm1.85 g12Acq. Robinson 19/07/1956Available
458299OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 53; Cahn 5.7 (V2/R2)12 mm1.81 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
459671OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 53012 mm1.68 g0Acq. Robinson 10/1966; SpinkAvailable
460786OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 53112 mm1.92 g3Acq. Oman 1947Available
461373OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 532; Sotheby 11/07/1912, 44 part11 mm1.82 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
462374OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 53311 mm1.81 g0Acq. Balliol CollegeAvailable
463374OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 534; Sotheby 27/11/1917, 190 part12 mm1.80 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
464374OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 53511 mm1.81 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
465788OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 53611 mm1.82 g12Acq. Robinson 10/1966Available
466789OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 53712 mm1.92 g12Acq. Robinson 1964Available
4671463OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 53811 mm1.62 g12Acq. Robinson 08/10/1946Available
4681034OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 53925 mm14.78 g12Acq. Robinson trust 06/02/1956Available
469663OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 54; Cahn 5.7 ((V2/R2)11 mm1.74 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
4701464OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 54024 mm15.11 g12Acq. Robinson 06/06/1956; BaldwinAvailable
471795OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 54115 mm3.61 g12Acq. GodwynAvailable
4721465OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 54215 mm3.67 g12Acq. Evans 1941Available
4731465OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 54315 mm3.58 g12Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
474813OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 54420 mm6.65 g12Acq. LaudAvailable
475813OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 54520 mm6.60 g12Acq. GodwynAvailable
476813OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 546; Sotheby 11/07/1912, 43 part20 mm6.76 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
477813OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 54718 mm6.72 g12Acq. Robinson 1964Available
478813OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 54819 mm6.85 g12Acq. Robinson 1964Available
479379OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 54919 mm6.62 g0Acq. Oman 1947Available
480597OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 55; Cahn 20.1 (V8/R19)8 mm0.89 g11Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 15/6/1928Available
481810OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 55010 mm1.05 g12Acq. Oman 1947Available
482816OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 55119 mm6.85 g12Acq. Milne 24/09/1945; Baldwin; intaglio cmk in form of Α or Λ on obv.Available
483801OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 552; Sotheby 26/07/1910, 310 part11 mm0.92 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
484798OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 553; Sotheby 28/11/1911, 333 part11 mm1.35 g12Acq. Milne 1924; found in CyprusAvailable
485384OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 55410 mm1.57 g0Acq. BodleyAvailable
4861466OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 55510 mm1.27 g12Acq. BodleyAvailable
4871467OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 55611 mm1.47 g12Acq. Miss J. Mathersole 08/06/1926; acq at SaqqaraAvailable
4881467OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 55711 mm1.35 g12Acq. Milne 1924 (Nicolaides, Smyrna 08/1914)Available
4891468OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 55811 mm1.30 g12Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 04/05/1928Available
490807OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 559; Sotheby 16/07/1906 (Johnson), 47 part11 mm1.64 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
491597OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 56; Cahn p. 216, 21A10 mm0.97 g11Acq. Robinson 10/1964Available
492378OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 563; Sotheby 11/07/1912, 43 part19 mm6.55 g0Acq. Milne 1924Available
493378OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 56419 mm6.69 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
494377OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 56518 mm6.69 g0Acq. DouceAvailable
495377OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 56620 mm6.62 g0Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 15/6/1928Available
496818OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 56721 mm6.53 g12Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 04/05/1928Available
4971469OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 56819 mm6.66 g12Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 04/05/1928Available
498817OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 569; Sotheby 27/11/1917, 190 part12 mm1.62 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
4994OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 57; Naville I (1921) (Pozzi), 257226 mm6.25 g9Acq. Robinson 1964Available
500822OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 570; Sotheby 27/11/1917, 190 part20 mm6.62 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
5011470OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 57119 mm5.85 g12Acq. Christ Chuch; platedAvailable
502824OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 57214 mm3.28 g12Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
503824OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 57313 mm3.42 g12Acq. Oman 1947Available
504824OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 574; Sotheby 11/07/1912, 44 part14 mm3.24 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
505832OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 57518 mm6.57 g12Acq. Evans 1941Available
506832OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 57619 mm6.45 g12Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
507835OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 57721 mm6.58 g12Acq. Godwyn; piercedAvailable
508833OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 57815 mm3.16 g12Acq. DouceAvailable
509401OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 57916 mm3.13 g0Acq. BodleyAvailable
5101052OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 58; Naville V (1923), 2612; J. Hirsch XXXII (1912), 547; Cahn 34.3 (V18/R30)17 mm6.21 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
511839OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 58010 mm0.90 g12Acq. Milne 21/08/1925 (Zitelli, Rhodes, 15/01/1925)Available
512843OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 58111 mm0.83 g12Acq. Robinson 08/10/1946Available
513845OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 58220 mm6.65 g12Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 04/05/1928Available
514392OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 58320 mm6.71 g0Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 04/05/1928Available
515394OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 58420 mm6.75 g0Acq. Robinson 1964Available
516394OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 58520 mm6.71 g0Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
517395OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 58620 mm6.71 g0Acq. GodwynAvailable
518395OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 58719 mm6.70 g0Acq. Chirst ChurchAvailable
519395OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 58819 mm6.63 g0Acq. DouceAvailable
520387OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 58926 mm13.31 g0Acq. Christ ChurchAvailable
521602OxfordKnidosSNG Ashmolean XI, 59; Sotheby 24/07/1911, 168 (part); Cahn 45.14 (V25/R36)18 mm6.17 g12Acq. Milne 1924Available
522387OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 59027 mm13.60 g0Acq. Oman 1947Available
523387OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 59128 mm13.52 g0Acq. Keble College (Lincoln 30/08/1889)Available
524847OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 59224 mm13.50 g12Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 04/05/1928Available
525390OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 59325 mm13.57 g0Acq. Robinson 1964; Baldwin 1955Available
526850OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 59419 mm6.50 g12Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 04/05/1928Available
527393OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 59521 mm6.75 g0Acq. Zitelli, Rhodes 04/05/1928Available
528398OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 59615 mm3.07 g0Acq. Newall 1978Available
529402OxfordRhodesSNG Ashmolean XI, 59715 mm3.17 g0Acq. P....Available