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N°: 806
Mint: Rhodes
Date: 350-300
Obv.: Head of Rhodos right, in stephane, hair rolled
Rev.: Ρ / Ο on either side of rose with one bud to right, in left field, Π
Metal: Bronze   Denomination: Chalkous
Average diameter: 12mm Average weight: 1.39 g

N°: 1655
Mint: Halikarnassos
Date: 400-380
Obv.: Laureate head of Apollo facing, turned slightly right
Rev.: Α above eagle standing right; olive branch in front; all within square incuse
Metal: Silver   Denomination: Hemidrachm
Average diameter: 11mm Average weight: 1.59 g

N°: 315
Mint: Knidos
Date: 250-210
Obv.: Head of Artemis right, draped, hair bound with stephane; quiver at shoulder
Rev.: ΚΝΙΔΙΩΝ to right and ΦΙΛΟΚΛΗΣ to left of a tripod
Metal: Silver   Denomination: Tetrobol
Average diameter: 14mm Average weight: 2.46 g

N°: 2337
Mint: Mylasa
Date: 180-140
Obv.: Facing head of Helios with eagle superimposed on right cheek
Rev.: Rose with two buds; Δ to right of stalk
Metal: Silver   Denomination: Drachm
Average diameter: Average weight: 2.12 g

N°: 772
Mint: Ialysos
Date: 480-412
Obv.: Forepart of a winged boar left
Rev.: Head of Athena in Corinthian helmet right in square incuse
Metal: Silver   Denomination: Diobol
Average diameter: 11mm Average weight: 1.25 g

N°: 1341
Mint: Halikarnassos
Date: 150-50
Obv.: Diademed head of Poseidon right
Rev.: ΑΛΙΚΑΡ and ΕΞΗΚΕ on either side of a veiled female figure standing right holding a patera in right hand and a cornucopia in the other; dotted border
Metal: Bronze   Denomination:
Average diameter: 20mm Average weight: 8.08 g

N°: 2309
Mint: Kos
Date: 170-160
Obv.: Head of Aphrodite right, wreathed with myrtle
Rev.: Asklepios naked to hips, standing right, leaning on staff entwined with serpent; ΚΩΙΩΝ downwards to right, ΕΥΡΥΛΟΧΟΣ downwards to left
Metal: Silver   Denomination: Tetradrachm
Average diameter: 35mm Average weight: 16.39 g

N°: 216
Mint: Kaunos
Date: 450-430
Obv.: Winged female figure in kneeling-running stance left, head turned right, holding kerykeion in left hand and wreath in right.
Rev.: Incuse square containing a triangular baetyl with on either side handles on apex; on either side, granulated patterns in the field.
Metal: Silver   Denomination:
Average diameter: 21mm Average weight: 11.34 g

N°: 243
Mint: Mylasa
Ruler: Eupolemos (c. 315-313)
Date: 315-313
Obv.: Three overlapping Macedonian shields with spearheads in the center; dotted border
Rev.: ΕΥΠΟ / ΛΕΜΟΥ on either side of sword in a sheath with strap; monogram in left field
Metal: Bronze   Denomination:
Average diameter: 17mm Average weight: 3.97 g

N°: 523
Mint: Tabai
Date: 81-30
Obv.: Bust of Athena in crested helmet right; dotted border
Rev.: ΤΑΒΗΝΩΝ / ΠΑ on either side of Nike walking right with a wreath and a palm
Metal: Silver   Denomination: Hemidrachm
Average diameter: 15mm Average weight: 1.87 g

N°: 1900
Mint: Kos
Date: 210-180
Obv.: Facing head of young Herakles
Rev.: Crab
Metal: Bronze   Denomination:
Average diameter: Average weight: 2.16 g

N°: 187
Mint: Rhodes
Date: 88-84
Obv.: Radiate head of Helios right
Rev.: ΝΕΩΝ; Ρ / Ο on either side of rose with bud to right; below to right, cornucopia; all within shallow square incuse
Metal: Silver   Denomination: Drachm
Average diameter: Average weight: 2.78 g

N°: 1517
Mint: Alabanda/Antiocheia